Nibbles, mezze, appetisers – whatever you want to call it, numerous plates of tapas are a great way to taste new foods. Where do you go for the world’s best tapas? Sevilla …..where else? Navarro’s restaurant in London of course!

Tapas is not a particular type of food. anything can be tapas – paella, croquettes or even ham and cheese on toast as long as it is small and served with your drink.

Tapas are not starters. If you decide to have tapas it will be either a quick snack or you will have several and make a meal of it.

A ‘Tapa’ is a lid or cover that originated many years ago. A slice of ham or cheese was served with your drink and was placed over the top of your glass. The tapa is an integral part of Spanish culture. Most Spaniards will take tapas with a drink.

A tapa is normally a quater sized version of a full meal and the content will vary from region to region. For example on the coast you will find seafood tapas in abundance. Inland you might find that meat is more on the menu such as veal or venison, beef or pork. Each region will also have its specialities.