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A family run restaurant since 1985

Welcome to Navarros - the best tapas in town!

A family run restaurant since 1985

What is Tapas?

A family run restaurant since 1985

Come and try our delicious wines

Welcome to Navarros - the best tapas in town!

Navarro’s wholesome and tasty homemade food and great wines, at the right price, attracts visitors from all over the world. The friendly atmosphere and beautifully decorated restaurant, with its wrought iron, tiled walls and prettily painted furniture, makes Navarro’s an instant favourite. Large group parties are most welcome, offering a variety of set menus which cater for every taste and need.




67 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PH, United Kingdom.       

Reservations: 020 7637 7713

Lunch  Monday – Friday

12pm – 3pm 

Dinner  Monday – Saturday

6pm – 10pm 

We are closed on Sundays and Bank holidays

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What is Tapas?

There are several stories about the origin of tapas, which are a part of the folklore: It is told that King Alfonso X, el Sabio or “the Wise One,” made sure that Castilian taverns serve wine accompanied by something to eat, so that the wine would not go straight to the clients’ heads. Another story claims that while on a long trip, King Alfonso had stopped to rest in the town of Ventorillo del Chato in the province of Cádiz, and he ordered a glass of Jerez, or Sherry. There was a gusty wind, so the inn keeper served him his glass of sherry covered by a slice of ham to prevent the sherry from getting dirty. King Alfonso apparently liked it, and when he asked for a second glass, he requested another tapa or “cover” just like the first.

Come and try our delicious wines

Sharpen up your appetite and excite your taste buds with a refreshing glass of Spain’s archetypal aperitif Jerez while you choose what you’re going to eat.

For our main wines we are delighted to offer you Old World and New World: the former straight forwardly European, the latter ‘funkier’ more obviously fruit driven and from Chile.

Take a look at our Lista de Vinos…..